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HOA slaps homeowners with capricious fine for long-standing feature that came with the house: ‘That’s a new low’

“Why, all of a sudden, is this an issue?”

Money-saving clover lawn

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After moving into a new home, one Redditor has wound up in a battle with an incredibly petty HOA.

HOAs are known for being controlling and issuing fines over tiny things, like a garden bed just a few inches too wide. Lawns are a constant source of conflict, with some HOAs pushing homeowners to mow down wildflowers or maintain a specific type of grass despite the time, money, and environmentally damaging chemicals needed to do so.

Even so, this Redditor’s experience is extreme.

“Last year, we bought our in-laws’ retirement home from them as they wanted to downsize and we needed significantly more space for our growing family,” they said in their post. “My in-laws have had this house for 10+ years.”

At first, everything seemed to go smoothly. But this year, they received an email from their HOA. “[It said] we will will be receiving a violation notice in the mail for having too many weeds,” said the Redditor.

Just one problem: The user explains there are no weeds. Instead, they have a low-maintenance, money-saving clover lawn.

“Our front lawn has a different type of grass from nearly all of the other homes in this neighborhood. In researching, we found out that it is a type called ‘clover grass’,” said the Redditor, adding that the lawn naturally produces flowers. “This is literally how the grass looks.”

According to the original poster, the clover came with the house and is even maintained by the same landscaper used by the HOA president. “Can we actually be fined for the type of grass we have, that was put on this lot back in the 90s when this house was built?” the user asked. “Why, all of a sudden, is this an issue?”

Commenters were not impressed with the HOA’s antics. “That’s a new low,” said one user, before wishing the original poster good luck.

Another user pointed out that there was probably a way around the fine. “There should have been some exchange in the closing from the HOA saying there are no outstanding issues/violations,” they said. “OP needs to find that in their paperwork.”

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