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Shopper discovers jaw-dropping luxury item on the rack at Goodwill: 'Hoping for cooler temperatures ... so I can wear it'

"Gorgeous," one user wrote. "Great find."

Burberry check, luxury item on the rack at Goodwill

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There's no mistaking Burberry's iconic checkered designs, from the brand's signature trench coats to its cashmere scarves. Hidden in the bins of a Goodwill Outlet store, one Redditor couldn't believe their luck when they spotted the classic Burberry check. 

In a popular Reddit post, the user shared a photo of the Burberry scarf they thrifted from Goodwill. The checked scarf is 100% cashmere, and its pattern is a mix of red, white, tan, and black stripes.

While pricing varies depending on the location, items from the outlet bins are sold by the pound, usually just a few dollars each pound. That means this Redditor likely paid less than a dollar for this scarf.

"Hoping for cooler temperatures soon so I can wear it," the Redditor wrote. 

Burberry check
Photo Credit: u/woodford2016 / Reddit

Burberry is a British luxury fashion brand that dates back to 1856. Its founder, Thomas Burberry, wanted to equip his fellow Brits with clothes that would keep them warm and comfortable in the nation's notoriously damp weather.

Burberry created the brand's famous trench coat in 1912, designed to protect the military during the onset of World War I. Its Burberry check pattern was introduced in the 1920s as an outerwear lining. 

This unmistakable pattern became Burberry's trademark, inspiring its designs for other items like shoes, clothes, and accessories like the scarf the Redditor found at Goodwill. 

Scoring designer pieces at the thrift store can help you save hundreds of dollars.

Since this Redditor bought the scarf at a Goodwill Outlet, they likely paid less than a few dollars. They would have paid between $490 to $1,290 for a Burberry cashmere scarf from a retailer.

Not only is thrifting beneficial to your wallet, but it also helps the environment. 

With new trends every season, many shoppers throw out clothing to make room for the latest styles. As a result, items are disposed of after being worn just seven times on average.

Many of these items end up in landfills, contributing to millions of tons of textile waste. In 2018 alone, the Environmental Protection Agency estimated the United States generated 17 million tons of textile waste. 

Thrifting can help you save money, the environment, and beautiful luxury pieces from wasting away in a landfill. 

Fellow Redditors were impressed with this luxury thrift store find in the comment section.  

"Gorgeous," one user wrote. "Great find, and hopefully less than $2.00." 

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