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Mom shares frugal cleaning hack to turn broom into DIY mop: 'It's like using a Swiffer'

"This is so smart."

"This is so smart."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Maintaining a clean living space takes a lot of work and investment, which can be challenging if you're on a fixed budget or need help with finances. However, making just a few smart changes can save money while reducing exposure to toxic chemicals. 

A great example is a hack from TikToker Evelyn (@_fromevelynsheart), who demonstrates how to turn a broom into a mop for a dual-purpose cleaning tool. 

@_fromevelynsheart DIY mop! growing up in a low income home taught me alot of ways to be resourceful 😏 cut an old towel in half, make a hole in the center add it to a broom (got mine at the dollar store) and you have yourself a free mop! #cleaninghacks #lifehack #lifehack #frugalliving #budgeting #cleantok #mopping #cleaninghack #frugal #lowincomebudget #mopping ♬ Dance You Outta My Head - Cat Janice

The scoop

Evelyn shares frugal hacks that help her with daily life as a low-income mom in the United States. This particular one shows her covering a broom with an old towel to mop her floors. 

"Growing up in a low-income home taught me a lot of ways to be resourceful," Evelyn shared in her video's caption. "Cut an old towel in half, make a hole in the center, add it to a broom (got mine at the dollar store), and you have yourself a free mop!" 

On TikTok, Evelyn also shows videos on how to cook budget-friendly dinners, celebrate birthdays without spending a fortune, and plan affordable outings with kids. 

How it's helping 

Eveyln's DIY mop hack is helping people think twice about buying cleaning supplies they could make at home. It allows homeowners and renters to keep their rooms clean without buying unnecessary plastic products that eventually end up in landfills. 

With a traditional Swiffer, the wet and dry cleaning pads end up in the trash. But by using a washable cloth, you save money on costly products and reduce your household trash contribution. 

Reddit users have been sharing similar mopping hacks to r/ZeroWaste, showing how to use an old T-shirt on an existing Swiffer instead of buying refills. Using natural cleaners, such as white vinegar or baking soda, can save additional money and reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. 

What everyone's saying

TikTokers love this hack and are already doing it themselves or inspired to try it now. 

"Girl, literally the only mop I've ever had in my house," one user wrote in the comments. 

"Actually it's the best way to clean the floor," another chimed in.

"This is so smart," someone else said. "I need to do this. It's like using a Swiffer."

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