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Newlywed issues warning after getting sheets from a well-known bedding brand: 'They ripped while [I was] making the bed'

"I am so disappointed."

Brooklinen sheets

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One Redditor took to the platform to share their dissatisfaction with a set of trendy Brooklinen sheets they had gotten less than a year ago. 

"I am so disappointed. We received a set of Brooklinen classic percale sheets as a wedding gift. We've had them for 6 months and they just ripped while making the bed," the user writes. "I've never had that happen to sheets before."

"We have a set of 6 year old cheap Target sheets that are still in good condition," they continue. "What the heck! And since it was a gift through Zola.com I don't even think a refund is possible."

Other Reddit users took to the comments to commiserate with the poster. 

"As a rule I don't trust anything heavily advertised in podcasts," writes one, hinting at Brooklinen's heavy digital promotion strategy, while another agrees, writing, "As a rule I do not buy anything that is advertised on Instagram, Facebook, or Podcasts. Never seems to work out well."

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