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Home gardener shares 'gorgeous' photo flaunting their bountiful summer harvest: 'I'd say my ... garden is doing well so far'

"That is some mouth-watering, gorgeous produce!"

Gardener flaunting their bountiful summer harvest

Photo Credit: iStock

Some might think that growing produce in your garden will get you just a few tomatoes or carrots, but one gardener took to Reddit to share how much you can really harvest — with their photo showing a huge pile of produce. 

The colorful mound is almost unbelievable. It includes eggplant, multiple types of peppers and tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, and more. 

"I'd say my July garden is doing well so far," the Redditor wrote in the caption. 

Summer harvest
Photo Credit: u/aybee261 / Reddit

Having the ability to grow so much fresh produce right in your backyard is convenient, and it can also save you a good chunk of change. 

It's true that getting your garden started can be pricey, but there are certainly cost-effective ways to do it — check out this article for budget-friendly garden hacks. Once it's up and running, however, you'll break even in no time. 

For example, a 16-ounce bag of Roma tomatoes — which are great for salads, pastas, and sauces — will cost around $3-$4. A packet of 190 seeds, however, costs under $2, and a Roma tomato plant yields approximately 30 tomatoes. On top of that, they'll stay fresh for longer because no time is needed to transport them to a store. 

Yes, there are other factors to consider like the cost of soil if necessary and water, but generally speaking, once your garden is thriving, it will be cheaper to grow some produce rather than purchasing it. 

Plus, when you grow your own fruits and veggies, you can tailor your garden to your favorites and eat them at peak ripeness. 

Along with all of that, gardens can have wonderful environmental benefits too. 

Plants naturally absorb planet-warming, polluting gases, so your garden will be feeding you while improving your air quality. 

Other Redditors were blown away by the amount of produce in the photo as well as how fresh and beautiful it all looked. 

"That is some mouth-watering, gorgeous produce!" said one, while another added: "I just love everything about this picture!" 

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