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Gardener shares image of jaw-droppingly large fruit in their grandparents' garden: 'We've been tending these ... for 30 years'

"I hope they taste as good as they look!"

Blackberry, Large fruit in their grandparents’ garden

Photo Credit: iStock

There's no delight like getting massive, perfectly ripe fruit from your garden, especially when it's some of the biggest you've ever seen. One Reddit user shared their delightful find from a blackberry bush in the r/gardening forum. 

The photo features the poster's hand with three massive blackberry fruits under the headline, "The size of these blackberries from my grandparents garden. We've been tending these bushes for 30 years!" In the comment section, the Redditor explained that the fruit weighed upward of 0.95 ounces. 

Photo Credit: u/FeistyAle / Reddit

One of the main benefits of gardening is the bounty of produce that emerges with careful tending and care. This increases access to nutrient-dense fruits and veggies that can be picked and made into something delicious on the same day. 

Gardening also has numerous benefits to emotional and psychological well-being. A 2020 study in Singapore found that individuals engaged in community gardening reported higher levels of optimism and resilience than those who were not involved in gardening. 

Another study conducted by the University of Colorado found that individuals who were engaged in a community garden not only consumed more dietary fiber and moved more, but also experienced lower stress and anxiety levels than the control population. 

Gardening not only helps people, but it also helps the planet. Garden plants absorb carbon dioxide in the air and convert it into the oxygen we need to survive. The plants also absorb bacteria and chemicals in the surrounding environment, acting as a purifying filter for your space. 

Besides absorbing this planet-warming gas, plants and their root systems also help anchor the soil down, which slows erosion from wind or heavy rain. The plants are sources of food for essential pollinators, like bees and butterflies, thus attracting helpful, rich biodiversity to a plot.

Other Reddit users were impressed by the poster's fruit haul. "I hope they taste as good as they look!" one user shared

"So yummy!!!" another wrote

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