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Viral video reveals unexpected impact of bird noises on your mental health: 'I hear that every morning starting at 3:30'

"Learning this made me so keenly aware that most of the time I'm outside, there's nothing to be [wary] of."

Bird song can actually boost our mental health

Photo Credit: @marylisaemery/ Tiktok

Are you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed? Do you need a mental health boost? TikToker MaryLisa Emery (@marylisaemery) has some advice for you: Go outdoors and listen to birdsong! 

In a viral video seen hundreds of thousands of times, the TikToker explains that birdsong is "like a primal sign that there are no predators around, so your nervous system starts to relax."

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But if you're skeptical, know there have been a multitude of studies confirming part of what Emery was saying. According to the prestigious journal Nature, listening to birds' singing can improve one's mood and even decrease anxiety and paranoia. 

One key difference between Emery's conclusions and the peer-reviewed research is the "why" behind the decrease in stress.  

Despite what Emery's video claims, birds do not always sing to warn of predators. They also sing to attract mates, establish territory, and communicate with other birds. So while there are clear benefits to hearing birdsong, the scientific community isn't exactly sure why. 

In a recent study out of King's College London, researchers who investigate the impact of birdsong on mental health explained that "the mental health benefits of everyday encounters with birdlife for mental health are poorly understood … [W]e know little about the specific features within green and blue spaces which are driving these benefits."

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Putting aside the reasoning behind Emery's advice, her followers were mostly supportive of the suggestion.

One user commented that "learning this made me so keenly aware that most of the time I'm outside, there's nothing to be [wary] of [because] the birds are singing."

Another jokingly stated, "I hear that every morning starting at 3:30 from my bed and let me tell you my nervous system is not relaxed."

Jokes aside, study after study has shown that hearing natural sounds is actually quite good for our mental and physical health. Besides reducing anxiety, being surrounded by nature can improve your blood pressure, steady your heart rate, and even affect the amount of cortisol (a stress hormone) in your system. 

Just another reason to protect nature and our planet.

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