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Astounding before-and-after photos show how a homeowner transformed their yard in just nine months: 'This must be an oasis'

"It looks beautiful and full of life."

biodiverse garden

Photo credit: u/WittyThingHere Reddit

If you're seeking inspiration for your next gardening project, then look no further. One Redditor shared before-and-after photos of their yard's astonishing transformation into a verdant garden. 

In a popular Reddit post, this user shared two photos of their yard in Western Australia taken nine months apart. 

Yard transformation
Photo credit: u/WittyThingHere Reddit

The first photo features a dull, dry patch of land with minimal vegetation. In the second photo, the yard is unrecognizable, having experienced an impressive metamorphosis into a thriving green space. 

The Redditor created a lush paradise with an array of plants, shrubs, and flowers, forgoing typical grass. They implemented a mix of dirt, vegetation, and mulch — and included raised garden beds. 

While the garden appears to be a work in progress, they have created a beautiful green space that will outshine the grass lawns in their neighborhood. 

Not only are biodiverse gardens aesthetically superior to plain grass lawns, but they also offer many environmental benefits. While grass lawns are often a cornerstone of suburban life in many parts of the world, they endanger water supplies and pollinators essential to the environment. 

Grass requires lots of water to maintain. Landscape irrigation is a major contributor to the United State's water consumption, amounting to roughly 9 billion gallons of water every day. 

Biodiverse gardens and grass alternatives require much less water and can make a big difference in preserving water supplies during drier months. 

Not only will you love your lush green space, but pollinators will enjoy them too. Insects like bees and butterflies pollinate about 85% of the world's flowering plants, providing seeds and fruits that are essential food sources for humans and animals.

Pollinator populations are declining and habitat loss is a major factor. By replacing grass with a biodiverse selection of flowers and plants, you're ensuring both insect and human food supplies.   

Redditors were impressed by the user's garden transformation and complimented their work in the comment section. 

"That's a lot of work done in nine months," one Redditor said. "Good job, it looks beautiful and full of life."

"This must be an oasis for so many organisms," a user wrote.

Another Redditor added, "Magnificent! What a big improvement."

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