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Video shows remarkable boiling speed of induction stove and how simple the cleanup is: 'I haven't had to scrub my cooktop, even when I spilled something'

"That's fast."

"That's fast."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A TikTok account is showing how quick and cleanup-friendly an induction stove can be. 

In a pair of videos showing off a Frigidaire induction stovetop, the TikTok account for McMullan Appliances and Mattresses (@mucmullanappliance) shows off the ability to boil water in under 30 seconds and even brings three cups of maple syrup to a full boil in just 80 seconds. 

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"That's fast," the narrator says in one of the videos. "And even though it's boiling, if I spill a little syrup on the element, it's as easy as this to clean off," they continue, as they move the pot slightly to wipe up the mess with a towel.

The video also explains that customers don't need to buy new cookware in order to use an induction stove — it just requires a magnet on the bottom of each pot.

Induction stoves work like magic, utilizing a special system of magnets to create a magnetic field that only applies to particular pots and pans, which means you can touch the stovetop with anything that isn't magnetic, like a towel or a hand, as the video demonstrates. It may be hot to the touch from residual heat, but it won't be the kind of heat from a traditional electric range. Induction stovetops also require less energy than other heating methods, particularly because they heat water and other substances much more quickly.

Induction stove users have also noted that the technology is better for simmering foods on low heat than gas stovetop counterparts.

These alternative stoves are also more environmentally friendly than gas stoves because the latter can leak gas into homes and into the atmosphere, which can raise the risk of health problems like asthma and contribute to the overheating of the planet. 

To combat these issues, cities like New York are banning gas stoves in new buildings altogether, while Los Angeles banned natural gas power. To protect yourself from gas stove pollution, visit The Cool Down's tips page.

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Other TikTok users sang the praises of induction stoves.

"I love my induction range. I haven't had to scrub my cooktop, even when I spilled something, didn't notice and keep the hot pan on it to simmer," one user said. 

"Had a GE induction oven for 10 years and loves it, sold our house and miss it so much!! Now using gas stove at new house and hate it," another user noted.

"1L of room temperature tap water boils in 4min. like clockwork. I can literally set the timer and walk away," a third user commented.

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