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'Bar conditioners' have one major advantage over traditional bottled products — here's what to know

Using bar conditioners is a growing trend in the beauty industry that is helping to reduce our dependence on plastic.

Bar conditioner

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As more people decide to ditch products in plastic containers and go for eco-friendly options, it's important for you to find solutions that work for you. 

Using bar conditioners is a growing trend in the beauty industry that is helping to reduce dependence on plastic — but is it the best choice for your hair? 

Why are people choosing bar conditioners?

Simply put, tons of people are choosing conditioner bars because they're excellent at nourishing and protecting your hair. 

Since they're generally made with natural ingredients like shea butter, essential oils, and cocoa butter that help lock in moisture, you can easily keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, all without relying on chemicals found in more traditional conditioners. 

Bar conditioners are usually free of sulfates and other strong chemicals, making them excellent for people with sensitive scalps. Plus, not contributing to a growing mountain of plastic waste that fills up our oceans and landfills feels good, too.

Bar options are also convenient for traveling since they're more compact and not-water based, meaning you can actually take them on planes.

Another serious upside is that they can be cheaper in the long run when compared with liquid alternatives, as they're way more concentrated and last far longer.

Are there downsides to bar conditioners?

Although bar conditioners end up saving you money in the long term, they often have a bigger up-front cost. Luckily, there are plenty of options within the $5-$20+ price range for people interested in making the upgrade.

Another frequently listed downside of bar conditioners is that they can be time-consuming to use if you have long or thick hair. But once you get more accustomed to using bar conditioner, the process shouldn't be as time-consuming.

In determining if bar conditioners are right for you, it's a good idea to check out your options. They're a great money-saving product that can help you do your part in reducing plastic waste.

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