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Cleaning expert shares incredible hack for making stovetop sparkle: 'Cuts through baked-on grime'

This hack is a great way to save money.

This hack is a great way to save money.

Photo Credit: @mama_mila_ / TikTok

If you have a glass stovetop, you probably notice every little speck of grease or grime that gets on there. Thankfully, Chantel Mila (@mama_mila_) has a simple way to leave your stovetop shining — and you only need two basic household ingredients.

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The scoop

Baking soda is a common agent used to make baked goods rise in the oven, but if you're into cleaning hacks, you've probably seen it popping up everywhere. 

Now, it's taking on another spot in your kitchen that seems to always be dirty — your stovetop. 

In Mila's video, she sprinkles two tablespoons of baking soda evenly across her glass stovetop. She follows that with two tablespoons of lemon juice. Using a rag, she rubs the mixture in and then wipes the stovetop clean with hot water and a rag to finish it off. Seems pretty simple. 

The video explains that the citric acid from the lemon is the key. 

"The citric acid in this powerful mix cuts through baked-on grime," the text on the screen reads. 

 How it's helping

First off, this hack is a great way to save money. Compared to traditional cleaning products, baking soda can be bought in bulk for a fairly inexpensive cost. Not to mention, it can be used in a plethora of other ways, like unclogging drains, stripping pillows, refreshing towels, or even cleaning pesticides off of fruit. 

You and the environment also benefit when you buy less traditional cleaning products. 

Chemicals common in household cleaning products can damage your health with prolonged exposure or direct contact with your skin and eyes. Unsurprisingly, using these products on your countertops or kitchen can result in these harmful chemicals getting in and on your food. 

These cleaners also end up in our environment. Through evaporation or by getting rinsed down our drains, these products find their way into our air and waterways. Once there, these chemicals take a long time to biodegrade and can even break down into more harmful compounds. 

That means this simple hack helps your budget, your health, and the environment. 

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