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Farmer busts common plant-growing myth that many home gardeners still believe: ‘You may have saved our peppers’

“I am going to try it.”

Baking soda hacks protect your tomato plants and benefit the environment

Photo Credit: @theshilohfarm / TikTok

Baking soda is a miracle worker with DIY hacks and solutions to fix almost any household problem, but according to one TikToker, its superpowers extend to your garden too.

In a viral TikTok video, Noah Young (@theshilohfarm) busted common baking soda myths and shared three genius ways it can actually benefit your tomatoes and ensure a bountiful harvest. 

The scoop

Some believe adding baking soda to your tomatoes will make them sweeter and kill weeds, but Young is here to set the record straight. While those tips are myths, Young has three baking soda techniques that actually work. 

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“Here’s three reasons we use baking soda on our tomatoes,” Young explained. 

His first tip is to apply a solution of baking soda and water on your tomato plants to prevent blight, a plant disease caused by bacteria or fungi. 

Plants like tomatoes, potatoes, and apples are susceptible to blight, which can induce withering, browning, or dying of parts or the entire plant. This baking soda solution will increase the surface acidity of the plants, killing and preventing blight. 

Young’s next baking soda hack will protect your plants from pests. He sprinkles baking soda over his plants, which kills common pests like aphids, snails, and slugs that will feast on your crops. 

His third and final tip addresses powdery mildew, a fungal disease that will contaminate your plants and impact their growth, quality, and yield. Young creates a tonic with one tablespoon of baking soda, half a teaspoon of dish soap, and a gallon of water, and sprays the solution on his plants.

How it helps

These brilliant baking soda hacks will both protect your tomato plants and benefit the environment. 

After hours spent toiling in your garden, it can be frustrating when pests or disease hurt the yield of your plants. This hack will ensure your crops have the best shot at providing a great harvest. 

Additionally, this hack is more environmentally friendly than traditional chemical pesticides. Pesticides often contain toxic ingredients that work to kill insects or bacteria but can also introduce harmful chemicals to the environment.

These pesticides can run off into water supplies, endangering marine life and water sources. 

What everyone’s saying

TikTokers were surprised to find baking soda’s uses extend to their gardens, thanking Young for sharing his wisdom.

“I just found aphids on my peppers this morning, and shortly after, I found your video,” one user wrote. “You may have saved our peppers, thank you!” 

“Thanks for sharing,” another TikToker said. 

A user added: “Very informative. I am going to try it.” 

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