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TikToker shares cheap laundry detergent swap you likely already have in your home: 'One of the best decisions I ever made'

The substance has the ability to remove dirt and stains.

Baking soda, laundry detergent swap

Photo Credit: @beautyofnaychure / TikTok

An entertaining TikTok video shows homeowners how to save money and help the planet with this very simple laundry hack

In the video, which has gotten about 45k views, TikToker Beauty of Naychure (@beautyofnaychure) shows viewers how to save money each time you do laundry while potentially saving yourself an allergic reaction, as well. 

"When you find out you can just use baking soda," she stated at the beginning of the caption for the video while admitting it was "one of the best decisions I ever made for my home." 

@beautyofnaychure One of the best decisions I ever made for my home! 😌 #holisticlifestyle #naturalalternatives #toxinfreeliving #nontoxichome #nontoxiccleaning ♬ I Ain't Stressin' Today - Dear Silas

The interesting video begins with the TikToker listening to music and dancing to the rhythm as she does laundry. 

As she tosses the clothing into the dryer, viewers can see the laundry detergent in a glass jar, evidently labeled as such by hand on a piece of paper attached to the jar, which is apparently baking soda. 

Traditional laundry detergent is generally more expensive than baking soda, but according to the video, it can clean clothing just as well without causing any allergic reactions. 

Standard laundry detergents are often filled with harmful chemicals which can stimulate allergic reactions in people, such as rashes in both children and adults.

These chemical compounds can also harm the environment. 

Laundry or dish detergents that contain phosphates can have negative effects when they end up in water sources. The nitrogen and phosphorus in these detergents react together, causing the growth of algae in freshwater. 

This algae consumes oxygen through a process called eutrophication, which gradually reduces the oxygen levels in the water and harms the ecosystem, as explained by Lenntech, a Dutch company. 

Baking soda, on the other hand, is not nearly as toxic, as it can even be used as mouthwash.  Baking soda is an alkali — a soluble salt — that has the ability to remove dirt and stains, according to Healthline.  

It works by interacting with acids in stains when dissolved in water. 

Commenters had plenty to say about the dancing TikTok video. 

"Baking soda, Dr Bronner's (biodegradable) and white vinegar is what I've been using for years," one wrote.

Another added a tinge of emotion and nostalgia, writing, "My mom used to do this when I was a kid. Thank you for unlocking a core memory for me." 

"We should all DIY everything," another expressed. 

Considering all the information above, baking soda can be a much better solution than conventional laundry detergent by far, and the benefits go well beyond our laundry machines and clothing collections. 

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