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Thrift shopper discovers extremely nostalgic tech item on sale for just $10: 'I wish they still made these'

"I'm kinda treating it like vinyl — but portable."

old-school Apple iPod

Photo Credit: u/haverdee23 / Reddit

A Redditor's recent thrift store haul will have vintage tech fans feeling nostalgic.

In a photo shared to the Thrift Store Hauls subreddit, the Redditor shares a photo of an iPod, with the caption, "Needs a new battery but my $8 thrifted 3rd gen iPod is working and full of music!!"

needs a new battery but my $8 thrifted 3rd gen ipod is working and full of music!!
by u/haverdee23 in ThriftStoreHauls

The Apple iPod was all the rage when it first launched in 2001. It was used for music and fell out of fashion when the iPhone came to market several years later.

iPods and other music-only devices can be a great way to enjoy music while hiking or working out without the distractions of a phone. They're also great for kids or for use on planes and in other places where you may not want to use a phone.

Nabbing an old electronic device from a thrift store also keeps them out of landfills where they can contribute to leachate, a toxic chemical sludge.

Electronic devices such as smartphones also use up natural resources. Making sure those devices are recycled or reused instead of tossed out helps to protect those resources.

In the comments section, Redditors were feeling the vintage vibes. 

"I have kept all of my children's old iPods," wrote one user. "3 Nanos and 2 iPod Touch, plus my own iPod Touch. I fill them with different music and listen either at work or when doing yard work. My wife uses one when she [is at] work and when she works out," they wrote.

"I wish they still made these. I hate carrying my phone all the time," wrote one user. 

The original poster agreed. 

"I wanted an iPod specifically so I wouldn't have to worry about a song not loading or being taken off the streaming service I use," they noted, adding that the appeal of iPods is also about the experience of sitting down and listening to music. "I'm kinda treating it like vinyl but portable."

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