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Resident shares concerning observation after looking into apartment complex's 'recycling' practices: 'Is anyone else's complex out there lying?'

"That's weird, right?"

"That's weird, right?"

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As individuals, there's only so much we can do to aid the environment before we require the assistance of the systems operating around us. When those aren't working correctly, our efforts are fruitless, and that can be really frustrating. 

That's what one Redditor recently learned, and they took to r/Apartmentliving to share their story. 

"Our complex's website advertises recycling, there are signs on the fence of each 'dumpster bay' that states recycling goes in the green dumpster, and there are two full-sized dumpsters so it's believable," the poster explained

"The thing is," they continued, "They clearly (and crudely) painted the dumpster green themselves, I looked them up once and the company they get our service through doesn't offer residential recycling, and anyone can watch the truck dump both loads directly in the same truck to be compacted together. 

"Is anyone else's complex out there lying about something so obvious?"

The lack of transparency from this complex's ownership not only tricks residents but also prevents them from properly dispensing of their recyclable materials. 

In a similar vein, many landlords across the country have been caught preventing renters from adopting money-saving and eco-friendly lifestyle changes, including but not limited to gardening and hanging clotheslines to dry their laundry

Fortunately, for the 74 million people in the U.S. who live in areas governed by a homeowners association, there are ways to operate within HOA restrictions or work with landlords to change established rules or standard practices. These efforts can make tangible progress for both your home and your community.  

In the perplexed Redditor's comment section, many took to the comments section to commiserate about issues with their neighborhoods' and residences' recycling practices. 

"Not lying about it no, that's weird, right?" one person commented. "But our building tried to have a recycling bin, problem was if there was any trash beyond recycling in it, the recyclers wouldn't pick it up…They had to just stop doing it." 

"In my area, there are no private garbage companies picking up recycling anymore," said another. "We do have the option of bringing it directly to a recycling center." 

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