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'Shameful' photo of alleged $2 billion home with 600 live-in staff sparks outrage online: 'A design of opulence and waste'

"The dichotomy is ridiculous."

"The dichotomy is ridiculous."

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They say there's no place like home, but perhaps the saying has never been more true than in the case of Antilia. The soaring Mumbai mega-mansion of Mukesh Ambani is estimated to be the most expensive private residence in the entire world, according to Architectural Digest — and it has many people disgusted.

One person posted a photo of the home, which can be seen towering several stories above the surrounding area, on the subreddit r/EvilBuildings

"The dichotomy is ridiculous."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Commenters were shocked and disappointed in the flagrant display of egregious wealth. "It's a design of opulence and waste," one person said.

Another agreed, calling it "shameful."

Many commenters pointed out that India — a country with millions of people living below the international poverty line — felt like a particularly tasteless place to build a residence so flagrantly beyond living necessities.

The Redditors aren't alone in that opinion. Even a fellow Indian billionaire, Ratan Tata, has publicly condemned the overindulgent private residence, saying it shows a lack of empathy for the poor. 

"It makes me wonder why someone would do that," Tata told the Times of London. "That's what revolutions are made of. … The person who lives in there should be concerned about what he sees around him and [asking] can he make a difference."

With a reported 400,000 square feet — square footage equal to nearly eight football fields — and, according to Architectural Digest, 27 floors, a six-story garage, three helicopter pads, and more, Antilia is a shocking ode to excess.

"The dichotomy is ridiculous," one person pointed out.

"I was gonna say, 2 BILLION dollars is an absolutely incomprehensible amount of wealth for nearly every single person to have ever existed," another person said.

"Rich people's homes [have] more staff than actual family residents," one Redditor wrote. "Having a skyscraper mansion means you need a staff of 600 to maintain the building. You need an in-house staff of cleaners, electricians, plumbers, mechanics and security personnel. Including a receptionist to receive guests and parcels."

While the exact number of staff is unconfirmed in Antilia's case, it's true that excessive spending generally means a greater need for every type of resource — from sky-high electricity usage to outdoor water use.

Worldwide, the obsession with material goods and wealth as a status has resulted in a cluttered, polluted planet where over 2 billion tons of solid waste — including 350 million tons of plastic — are generated each year. 

And while much of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the wealthy, whose impacts are disproportionately large due to the scale of their resources, influence, and consumption, everyone can make their voice heard about what matters and take small steps to consume less.

Examples of countering materialism and waste include upcycling clothing, refinishing vintage furniture, and working against the single-use economy by repurposing containers or switching to plastic-free brands.

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