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Local hero shows shocking before-and-after photos of neighborhood after picking up 27 bags of 'trash lasagna': 'You do incredible work'

"Thank you for caring when so many others don't."

Allentown with ‘trash lasagna’

Photo Credit: u/Ribzee/ Reddit

This heroic Redditor got into a zone cleaning their local neighborhood lot and said they picked up a total of 27 bags worth of trash over two days in Allentown, Pennsylvania. They called the mess "trash lasagna" because of the layers of trash.

"Set out to do only storm drains, but that was before a volunteer alerted me to the lot," they captioned the series of before-and-after photos. "Switched gears and got 'er done. Filled two nearby Big Belly solar compactor bins between yesterday and today."

Resident helps clean Allentown with 'trash lasagna'
Photo Credit: u/Ribzee / Reddit
Resident helps clean Allentown with 'trash lasagna'
Photo Credit: u/Ribzee / Reddit

Picking up trash plays a critical role in maintaining a clean and healthy environment — a boon for tourism and property values. 

But keeping litter off the ground isn't just visually beneficial. Improperly disposed of trash has numerous negative consequences, including impacting the well-being of humans, wildlife, and ecosystems.

One of the most significant reasons to pick up trash is to protect wildlife. Litter, particularly plastic waste, poses a serious threat to animals. 

According to the United Nations, more than 800 species are impacted by marine debris, with plastic making up as much as 80% of ocean litter. Animals can become entangled in trash, resulting in injury or even death. Ingestion of plastic waste can also lead to starvation, as it fills the stomach without providing any nutrients.

Moreover, litter can contribute to the spread of diseases. Trash, especially food waste, attracts rodents and insects, which can carry harmful pathogens that pose a risk to human health. Picking up trash helps to reduce the breeding grounds for these disease vectors and minimize the risk of disease transmission.

"Good Lord," wrote one Redditor. "Do people really not care how awful all of those areas look? You do incredible work. Thank you for caring when so many others don't."

Another Redditor said the city of Allentown needs more trash receptacles but noted that "even then people will still just throw their garbage on the ground, I guess."

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