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Thrifty shopper takes home secondhand 'haul of a lifetime' for amazing price: 'I audibly gasped'

"This is just simply a one-in-a-million thrift find."

Secondhand furniture, Adrian Pearsall tables

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When strolling through the aisles of a secondhand shop or perusing Facebook Marketplace, you never know when the thrift gods will reward you with a great score. On Reddit, one user shared their thrifting piece de resistance.

In a popular Reddit post, the user shared photos of their once-in-a-lifetime secondhand score: a set of three Adrian Pearsall tables. 

These iconic vintage walnut tables sell for thousands of dollars, but the Redditor scored all three for just $200 total, making this an incredible deal. 

"[They have] few minor flaws, but they're 50-60 years old," the Redditor wrote. "It's a wild one." 

Adrian Pearsall founded Craft Associates in 1952, and the furniture company rose to fame for its walnut designs in the late '50s. Although the company halted production and sales in the '70s, Pearsall pieces are highly sought-after in antique stores and vintage markets today.

The Redditor scored three tables: a coffee table and two side tables. Each has Pearsall's famous glass table top with abstract walnut legs. 

Secondhand furniture, Adrian Pearsall tables
Photo Credit: u/thethriftgods / Reddit
Secondhand furniture, Adrian Pearsall tables
Photo Credit: u/thethriftgods / Reddit

This jackpot shows the best parts of thrifting. By buying secondhand, you can find rare and unique pieces, save money, and benefit the planet. 

Since Pearsall stopped manufacturing over 40 years ago, finding a vintage set of his tables is incredibly rare and almost always very expensive. A similar piece to the coffee table the Redditor purchased is listed for $3,875

Additionally, buying secondhand furniture reduces waste in landfills. Americans dispose of more than 12 million tons of furniture annually, most of which ends up in a landfill rather than being recycled

These gorgeous tables could have ended up in the trash with countless other furniture. Luckily, this thrift shopper gave them a new home. 

Fellow Redditors were shocked by this incredible deal, expressing their envy in the post's comment section. 

One user wrote: "I audibly gasped. Gorgeous!"

"This is just simply a one-in-a-million thrift find," another Redditor said. "I've never seen three Pearsall pieces sold as a set in this condition in a non-auction environment."

"I've died from jealousy. Such a great set," a third user added

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