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UGG's new program will repair your old shoes for cheap: 'Looking like new'

"I could not be more pleased."

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UGGs season is upon us, and with the aughts-era iconic shoe making a comeback, you might need a little help bringing your old, mucky UGG boots back to life. 

Luckily, UGG has partnered with shoe repair company NuShoe to collaborate on a refurbishment program called UGGrenew — a way you can freshen up a pair of UGGs you already own rather than dropping money on new boots.

Photo Credit: UGG

To remove the muck that's accumulated on your boots over the past decade or two, select one of the three services provided and ship your UGGs using the provided UPS shipping label.

For a complete refresh, including a sole replacement, steam-clean shampoo, and binding replacement, you'll want to order a "Renew" service for $80.

A "Restore" service costs $60 and includes a sole replacement and steam-clean shampoo. The most affordable option at $40 is a "Refresh," offering a steam-clean shampoo.

Currently, UGGrenew only offers sole replacements for select colors and styles, but the company plans to expand the program over time. 

Even with the most expensive service — an $80 renewal — shoppers save at least $100 compared to buying a new pair. 

Photo Credit: UGG

Repairing what you already own is a major money-saver, but it also helps the planet. With the rise of fast fashion, more clothing and footwear are being designed with disposability — not quality or longevity — in mind. However, consumers are demanding more wear out of their items and are repopularizing refurbishment services, like UGGrenew.

By loving your UGGs for longer, you're keeping resources — like the sheepskin that makes up the boot — in circulation.

Ugg boots
Photo Credit: UGG

Even the most well-loved UGGs can skip the landfill and survive several more chilly seasons. As long as the upper leather is in good condition, you can send your boots through UGGrenew as many times as you'd like.

"I have had several soles replaced on my UGG boots. The workmanship is excellent. The boots were returned looking like new. I could not be more pleased," one of the program's testimonials reads.

On Twitter, another customer shared their experience with the program, saying of their restored shoes, "I LOOOOVE THEM SO MUCH."

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