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Tide launches new form of laundry detergent without any plastic — here's how it could rattle the industry

"Tide evo embodies over a decade of research and development."

"Tide evo embodies over a decade of research and development."

Photo Credit: Tide

Tide has just released a whole new line of detergent called Tide evo — and it was designed with both consumers and the environment in mind, Packaging World reported.

Typical laundry detergents today come in liquid form inside plastic jugs or in fluid-filled pods. Both can get messy, and unfortunately, the water and filler ingredients make up a lot of the volume and weight. That means buyers are paying for a lot of water when they could be getting detergent.

Plus, plastic containers are notoriously difficult to recycle. If not recycled, they either take over a century to break down in the environment, shedding microplastics the whole time, or they take up room in a landfill.

Tide has found a solution to both problems. In an effort to make its products more convenient, it created a solid square of dry detergent that can be packaged in simple cardboard, Packaging World revealed.

The Tide evo "tile" is made of six layers of woven detergent fibers. This material dissolves in water, making it extremely simple to use.

To create the box, Tide took two stacks of detergent tiles, laid them side by side, and placed a thin cardboard divider between them, then placed the whole assembly in a cardboard box. The divider provides support, and the dry tiles are stable, so the whole package keeps its shape without needing any additions like shrink wrap.

According to Packaging World, the new package design stands up to testing, surviving impacts, vibrations, humidity, and temperature changes. Plus, the cardboard is 100% Forest Stewardship Council certified and 100% recyclable.

Sundar Raman is chief executive officer of P&G Fabric & Home Care, which produces Tide. As Raman told Packaging World, "Tide evo embodies over a decade of research and development, signifying a major advancement in how we approach cleanliness and efficiency in our daily lives."

He also added, "During our product development journey, we had the pleasure of spending time with people who have told us they loved experiencing a 'Tide clean' in a new way. … Their feedback makes us believe there are untapped ways to evolve this application beyond what we can imagine today. That's why we're excited about the opportunity to continue learning alongside consumers as we expand the product's availability."

Tide evo was initially released in Colorado in April and will become available nationally later this year, Packaging World revealed.

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