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The Climate Museum just opened a new, interactive pop-up — here's how to see it

There is even a giant pledge wall, complete with a variety of actions like, "I will talk about climate change."

The Climate Museum

New York's SoHo neighborhood notoriously intersects some of the world's best fashion, shopping, and art — and through Dec. 22, it is also home to a new exhibit launched by the first-ever climate-dedicated museum

Much like other neighborhood art galleries, The Climate Museum's SoHo pop-up resides in a boutique, street-level studio space. 

Visitors walk into a bright open room where they are instantly welcomed by words filling up the wall causing pause on the perceived narrative of the climate crisis. The intimate collection and open space are designed to strike up climate conversations for anyone and everyone. 

Visitors range from college students and international tourists to kids and street traffic wanderers, resulting in perhaps the coolest part of the exhibit — the multilayered conversations. 

Interactive stations include a recording booth to capture how people feel at the exhibit and a postcard station to write to elected officials. There is even a giant pledge sticker wall, complete with a variety of actions that state phrases like, "I will talk about climate change." 

The main draw is an art exhibit featuring a collection of 400 hand-modified vintage postcards by artist David Opdyke. Obdyke bought the postcards in bulk on eBay and displays them all together for his work, titled Someday, all this

The mural casts a clever and deeply intricate "stranger things" type take on the potential climate impact of the old American landscape pictures.

Since 2017, The Climate Museum has presented six art exhibitions across different locations in New York, with the latest Soho spot located at 120 Wooster Street being their sixth. Each has a distinct approach in converging science, art, and action. 

These first-of-their-kind creative concepts are encouraging communities to have a creative conversation to spread the message on climate change

The pop-up is the most recent installment of The Climate Museum, created by Miranda Massie in 2015. 

Massie left a career in social justice law with a vision to create a space for people to engage and be inspired about their role within the climate narrative. Today that vision has resulted in thousands of people experiencing the dedicated climate spaces.

Her ultimate goal? A permanent place to park The Climate Museum and inspire others across the country. 

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