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Tesla Impact Report reveals staggering statistic about its Supercharger network: 'Keep on improving'

Tesla's Impact Report for 2023 contains lots of good news for the environment and EV drivers.

Tesla’s Impact Report for 2023 contains lots of good news for the environment and EV drivers.

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As more people sign on to the electric vehicle revolution than ever before, we'll need a robust charging network to support the legions of green-powered vehicles. It's also more likely than not that you'll be driving a Tesla and already have access to the company's lauded Supercharger network.  

Luckily, Tesla's Impact Report for 2023 contains lots of good news for the environment and EV drivers. As reported by InsideEVs, the global Supercharger network hit a record 99.97% average uptime for its stations. 

This comes after successive years with numbers over 99%, although the report had an interesting footnote about how this figure was reached, which InsideEVs noticed. 

"Uptime of Supercharger sites reflects the average percentage of sites globally that had at least 50% of their daily capacity functional for the year."

It's certainly curious that the company references entire stations rather than individual ports, but considering how many drivers can back up the good word on Superchargers, it's in no way damning. 

"The way I see it, Tesla delivers on Supercharger uptime by having enough redundancy (in the form of extra stalls) that charging at a given site is almost certain. It's much different than, say, Electrify America, which only has 4-6 stalls at many locations (much more likely for a whole site to be down). On a road trip, what's most critical is that a SITE be up; not each individual stall," one commenter noted.

At the same time, a host of major automakers have committed to switching from the Combined Charging Standard (CCS) to Tesla's proprietary North American Charging Standard (NACS) by 2025. 

Standardization is certainly a powerful selling point when trying to attract new EV buyers away from the dirtier-fueled competition. As Tesla proudly shared in its impact report, "Every product we sell helps owners lower emissions. In 2023, our customers avoided releasing over 20 million metric tons of CO2e into our atmosphere."

Overall, EVs are found to be better in cold weather than old-fashioned gas guzzlers, can help save you money, and range anxiety might soon be a thing of the past with the Supercharger network installations ramped up.  

"As a Tesla owner of six years who often road trips up and down the West Coast, I'm familiar with the company's Supercharger experience. It's simply outstanding — a testament to Tesla's vertically integrated ecosystem," one industry insider at TechRadar shared. 

Another commenter appreciates the progress and supports the forward momentum in the sector, saying simply, "Great result. Keep on improving."

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