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Tesla driver shares heart-stopping dashcam footage of controversial feature in action: '[It] may have saved my life'

"I accelerated through a green light… when the Tesla began to break, I had no idea why."

"I accelerated through a green light… when the Tesla began to break, I had no idea why."

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Users on X, formerly known as Twitter, have new faith in Tesla's advanced safety capabilities thanks to a heart-stopping viral video.

In late December, user WhamBaamX (@Wham Baam Teslacam) shared footage captured by a Tesla Model 3 driver named Jacob. While moving through an intersection, Jacob's Model 3 automatically braked to avoid a car speeding through a red light.

"I accelerated through a green light… when the Tesla began to break, I had no idea why," Jacob said. "A couple seconds later, a car blew through the red light, nearly hitting my Model 3."

Luckily, Tesla's state-of-the-art collision avoidance technology sensed the oncoming vehicle and reacted quickly to prevent an accident.

"[It] may have saved my life," Jacob said.

Tesla's collision avoidance technology embodies the brand's commitment to safety and innovation.

All Tesla vehicles are equipped with eight cameras that enable 360-degree visibility. This allows cars to detect potential accidents automatically and intervene if needed.

Another X user shared a similar experience with the feature and their Model Y. 

As electric vehicles continue to permeate the mainstream market and more people make the switch, advanced driver assistance features like these will only become more prevalent. That means safer roads for everyone — Tesla and non-Tesla drivers alike.

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Overall, Tesla aims to lead the auto industry in developing the safest cars on the market. If this video shows anything, it's that its efforts seem to be paying off so far. Drivers feel more confident staying out of harm's way thanks to preventative safety measures.

Other Twitter users echoed their gratitude for Tesla's safety capabilities.

One user replied to the video, saying a similar type of accident killed his son, who was riding in a Hyundai without the same safety technology.

"Driving a Tesla is an act of protection for your family," they said.

"Same thing happened to me a couple of months back. AEB [Automatic Emergency Braking] saved me," another shared.

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