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New report shows that Tesla's Model Y is seeing an immense surge in popularity — here's what's driving all those sales

There was a surge of registrations in the United States between January and May this year.

Tesla's Model Y

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Americans are increasingly embracing electric vehicles, with new data revealing a marked rise in the registration of Tesla's Model Y SUVs.

According to Experian (via Kelley Blue Book), there was a 103% increase in registrations of the Model Y in the United States between January and May this year. 

A tweet from Jaan of the EV Universe (@TheEVuniverse) also showed the Tesla Model Y accounted for 36% of U.S. EV sales in the first half of 2023, per Kelley Blue Book.

Tesla's Model X SUV also saw a 7% rise in registrations between January and May, providing less impressive but still positive news for the company and a further boost in the global push toward cleaner vehicles. 

It's not only Americans who are flocking to get their hands on the Model Y. Recent reporting has shown that the vehicle was the best-selling vehicle in the world in the first quarter of 2023. A lot of that success is said to be driven by sales in China, where around 94,000 Model Y cars were sold in the first three months of the year, per an estimate reported by Kelley Blue Book.

The Model Y is also the best-selling car in Europe in 2023 thus far, as reported by InsideEVs and in a tweet by user Alex (@alex_avoigt).

Part of the boom in sales might be down to aggressive price reductions by Tesla, as Kelley Blue Book noted. A new strategy from the company has seen the vehicle price slashed to increase volume in favor of higher margins. 

A price war in the sector has made it more attractive than ever to steer away from vehicles powered by dirty energy and toward machines that produce no carbon emissions on the roads.

When taking into account the need to generate electricity in the first place, electric vehicles reduce carbon pollution by 60% compared to those powered by a traditional combustion engine, according to the World Economic Forum

Tesla is taking another step toward bringing more electric vehicles to the world's roads with a potential Megafactory in India. Should an agreement be reached with the country's government, Tesla will build 500,000 vehicles there each year, according to Times of India

"Tesla has come to us with an ambitious plan, and we are confident that the movement will be possible this time around, especially as it involves both local manufacturing and exports," a government source told TOI.

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