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Tesla made an enticing overnight change to its online configurator — and it could result in a surge of orders

The move could provide a huge boost in sales.

The move could provide a huge boost in sales.

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If you're in Canada and considering buying a Tesla, things just got interesting.

Electrek reported that an "overnight update" of the brand's "online vehicle configurator" resulted in a significant reduction in the price of Tesla Model Y's.

Base trims for the Model Y RWD and Model Y AWD had thousands knocked off their purchase prices, with the former available for $53,990 Canadian and the latter listed at $63,990.

What's more, the reduction of the AWD made it eligible for a $12,000 rebate if bought in Quebec. Only vehicles valued below $65,000 can garner the provincial rebate.

Canada offers a $5,000 rebate for electric vehicles, but different provinces offer various incentives, too, and some can be stacked. 

In Quebec, then, you could pick up a Tesla Model Y for as little as $42,000 CAD, according to Electrek.

The move could provide a huge boost in sales, as the biggest inhibitor to buying an electric vehicle among potential customers is the initial cost, according to a study published in Science Direct

But financial incentives offered by national and state governments are helping to cut those costs, with a tax credit in the United States in 2023 offering customers up to $7,500 off the price of an electric vehicle

This is all great news for the planet, too. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, transportation was the biggest source of planet-warming pollution across all sectors in 2021, accounting for 29% of the split.

Of that, 58% of vehicular pollution came from light-duty vehicles, while 23% came from medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

Electric vehicles, though, don't rely on dirty fuel, so they produce zero tailpipe emissions that encourage global heating. Taking internal combustion engine models off the road, then, will help reduce the impact transportation has on the warming climate. 

"Don't be afraid to get the RWD model with LFP battery to save even more money," one Electrek user said. "I have one and it works great in snow and long trips in bitter cold weather."

This endorsement will be a welcome one for some potential buyers, with debate surrounding how well electric vehicles perform in cold temperatures. 

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