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Dashcam footage shows Tesla Model S Plaid flying by at full speed on professional track: 'He got up to about 190mph'

"Absolutely mobbing on the Nurburgring."

"Absolutely mobbing on the Nurburgring."

Photo Credit: X

Tesla has done it again! As electric vehicles become more affordable due to increased competition, lower raw-material costs, and more efficient manufacturing, innovations in EV technology will continue appealing to consumers compared to traditional gas-guzzling vehicles.  

A popular vehicle for the company, the Tesla Model S Plaid, is unique in having enhanced acceleration and battery capacity. In a video post on X, formerly known as Twitter, one couple took the EV for a test drive on a professional track in Germany, reaching speeds of up to 190 mph.  

"Model S Plaid Track Pack absolutely mobbing on the Nürburgring," captioned by original poster Nic Cruz Patane (@niccruzpatane). 

The video shows the couple driving along the track in the Tesla EV with three cameras in place to show the speed being reached from various angles. With a speedometer to measure the acceleration, the couple is stunned when they learn how quickly they accelerated in seconds. 

EVs are a growing alternative to traditional gasoline cars. They run on electric motors powered by energy stored in batteries, which means they don't produce planet-warming gases

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a typical passenger vehicle releases around 4.6 metric tons (over 10,000 pounds) of harmful pollution per year, increasing the risk of extreme weather events and creating poor air quality for communities.

As reported by The New York Times, citing Auke Hoekstra, energy transition research director at the Eindhoven University of Technology, it's estimated that EVs release 50-70% less harmful pollution over their life span compared to conventional vehicles.    

Tesla has furthered the shift away from dirty energy in the transportation sector, as the company recently invested $76 million in wireless charging technology. This enabled EVs to become more accessible and convenient, especially for elderly or disabled drivers.

The investments by Tesla have inspired further developments, such as a device made by scientists that can predict and prevent failures in EVs by detecting electromagnetic interference. Other companies in the automotive industry have joined the EV revolution, such as Chevrolet with the Chevy Silverado EV, which boasts a range of 450 miles on a single charge.    

Incentives provided by EV tax credits — up to $7,500 — have reflected the value EVs have on your wallet and the planet. Tesla carved a path for EVs and expanded that with the company's Cybertruck

"He got up to about 190 mph (300 km/hr). Insane. No, not insane … Plaid.," commented one X user. 

"Not wearing a helmet here is crazy," wrote another. 

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