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Tesla owner stuns by racking up over 400,000 miles with original battery: 'Outlasting the life of the car itself'

This bodes well for consumers' wallets and the environment.

This bodes well for consumers' wallets and the environment.

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When was the last time you drove 413,000 miles in your car? Never, we'd guess, as most gas-powered vehicles conk out long before the odometer hits even 200,000. A report by iSeeCars.com suggests that only 1.2% of vehicles reach that point, averaged for all brands studied. 

Yet one 2018 Tesla Model S owner in Australia managed to cover an incredible 413,000-mile distance on his car's original battery pack, according to Inside EVs. Talk about going the extra mile.

The owner, Nigel Raynard, drives around 350 miles per day. His trusty Tesla apparently held up exceptionally well, requiring a battery replacement only after driving far enough to circle the Earth over 16 times. Even then, the car still functioned, just with reduced power at lower charge levels, per the report.

Getting a new battery was a breeze thanks to Tesla's eight-year warranty (which was unlimited-mile for Nigel's 2018 model, though there are now mileage limits listed). Nigel got a brand-new, higher-capacity 90 kWh battery pack at no cost. As of the late April reporting, his Model S had crossed 439,000 miles and was still going strong.

What's his secret to achieving such remarkable battery life? It's unclear. Contrary to common advice, Nigel frequently charged his car to 100% and often ran it down to a very low level. He also regularly used DC fast charging in addition to charging at home. It seems this particular battery was simply built to last.

The impressive longevity of Tesla batteries means more money in owners' pockets and less waste (though battery recycling is also expanding). Fewer battery replacements over the life of the vehicle translate to big savings. And each battery that lasts longer keeps one more out of the scrap heap, reducing environmental impact.

As Nigel's experience shows, electric vehicle technology has come a long way. A Tesla aficionado echoed this sentiment in a comment on Inside EV's report, stating, "It has been shown already that car batteries are outlasting the life of the car itself."

This bodes well for consumers' wallets and the environment.

If you've been on the fence about going electric, let this be your sign. The future of transportation is battery-powered. By making the switch, you could save some serious green — both in your wallet and for our planet.

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