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Tesla Model S used as airport taxi for nearly a decade racks up 430,000 miles — and it still runs with its original battery pack

"This car has never actually physically had a service."

"This car has never actually physically had a service."

Photo Credit: YouTube

How well can a car run after 430,000 miles? According to Teslarati, this 2016 Tesla Model S can still travel well.

In an AutoTrader (@AutoTrader) segment on YouTube, host Rory Reid took a 2016 Tesla Model S 90D on a range test to see how far the car could drive on a single charge.

At the time of purchase in 2016, there were few Teslas in the United Kingdom and only a few Supercharger stations. Now, there are over 200,000 Teslas, as Car Magazine reported, and over 125 Superchargers in the country. The annual sales of electric vehicles, specifically the Tesla Model Y, in the UK have skyrocketed in the past few years, according to Statista. 

The electric vehicle from Chesterfield, UK, is owned and operated by Eco Executive Travel, an electric vehicle transport company in the town. The Model S has been used as an airport taxi for the last eight years, racking up 430,000 miles of travel. According to the car's owner, Paul Curzon, the car saves up to $12,700 per year on charging because it comes with free unlimited Supercharging for the vehicle's lifetime, per Teslarati

"This car has never actually physically had a service," Curzon told the outlet. "It's still on the original fluids. It has to be MOTed (annual UK test of vehicle safety) every six months, and anything that looks like it's wearing out or about to go, you replace. So it's preventative maintenance on that form."

In the video, AutoTrader finds that the car, which is on its original battery pack and motor, is able to go about 186.8 miles on one full charge. When Reid pulls into a Supercharger station lot with one mile left on the charge, the Tesla stops. He, along with other Tesla drivers passing by, were able to push it into the station to recharge.

While the car travels 65 miles less per full charge than its original average, as Teslarati noted, it's still impressive that it can run efficiently on its original battery pack and electric motors. 

According to Progressive, the average car's lifespan is 200,000 miles. This Tesla has doubled that. And that's not the longest distance, as one 2014 Tesla Model 2 has racked up 1.2 million miles.

Electric vehicles can save tens of thousands per year over gas-powered cars, which contribute to weather disasters and warming temperatures. And the mileage drivers can get with these electric vehicles can save them even more money without expensive repairs and purchasing new cars.

"That range is pretty damn good considering [it's] a 2016 car with 430,000 miles on the clock," one user commented on the video.

"And the most important thing to remember is EVs are getting better and better every year," commented another.

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