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Leaked photos reveal sleek updates used in Tesla's long-awaited Model 3 redesign: 'It finally looks like [it's] about to launch'

According to a recent report from EV news website Electrek, Tesla appears ready to finally launch it.

Tesla's long-awaited Model 3 redesign

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Tesla is still working on the refresh of its Model 3, sometimes referred to as the Model 3 Highland. Now, leaked photos from China may have unveiled one of the new design elements used in the secretive project.

A Shanghai-based user of X, formerly known as Twitter, who claims to have some inside information on the Model 3s being test-driven in their area has shared several photos with their followers — including one that shows a wheel ring that "looks like the Roadster's," referring to the famed first model Tesla released.

Another tweet, which claimed to show the Model 3's updated dashboard, has since been deleted, as InsideEVs reported.

While the Model 3 Highland project has been the subject of continual rumors and speculation, Tesla itself had not, as of late August, been forthcoming with details about what will be different about the updated model or when it would launch.

The Model 3 is Tesla's least expensive car. As of late August, the current model started at $32,740 (after tax credit).

Other rumors about the Model 3 Highland include that it will feature long-range battery cells from Chinese battery company CATL, as well as matrix LED lights, a steer-by-wire yoke, and a backup camera. But none of these rumors have been confirmed as of yet.

In a recent report for EV news website Electrek, Fred Lambert wrote that "it finally looks like Tesla is about to launch it." He noted that Tesla has pushed back delivery orders on Model 3s in Europe, possibly to make space for the changeover.

Rumors from China indicate that Tesla is ready to switch over production to the new Model 3 imminently or possibly already has, based on tweets like one mentioning the online rumors and another showing possible new Model 3s in tightly wrapped packages.

Electrek's commenters, however, are not as convinced. 

"I've lost count on just how many 'imminent release' reports we've seen now," one commenter wrote. "Simply put, I'll believe it when I see it. We all know it's coming, and I myself am looking forward to trading in my RWD for an AWD refresh, but I'm done biting at the bit of every report that indicates the release is about to happen within a day/week/month etc."

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