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EV-driving mom shares why Teslas are the perfect family vehicles: 'Best car I've ever had'

"100% literally one of the safest cars in the world!"

"100% literally one of the safest cars in the world!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

There's an unfortunate misconception that only hipsters, elitists, and environmentalists drive electric vehicles. But with new models hitting dealerships, families with kids are embracing EVs.  

In a viral video, TikToker Mobile_Mama (@mobile_mama) shared her experience driving the Tesla Model 3 with her children in the backseat. 

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In the caption, she asked viewers, "Would you buy a Tesla Model 3 for your fam, Mama?" 

With a starting price of $38,990, the updated Tesla Model 3 has many family-friendly features, such as trunk storage for a stroller and easy installation for forward-facing and rear-facing child car seats. The model has a screen in the back for kids to "watch Netflix and not be chill," as Mobile_Mama says, plus high-tech settings for navigation and comfort.

Videos like this stand out on social media because they are helping us change our perceptions of electric vehicles and who can benefit from driving them. Mobile_Mama proves in her video that the Tesla Model 3 isn't too cramped with two kids in tow and has many safety features that are important to parents.

Upgraded Model 3s offer a sleeker design, wrap-around acoustic glass, ventilated seats, interior ambient lights, and a backseat screen. Mobile_Mama shares that their vehicle gets 341 miles of range and that the Tesla Supercharger provides up to 200 miles of range in 15 minutes. 

No matter who you are or your lifestyle, making an EV your next vehicle makes a lot of sense for your budget, your family's safety, and the planet.

"100% literally one of the safest cars in the world!" a TikToker wrote in the comments. "Love them!"

"Best car I've ever had," another TikToker wrote.

However, everyone has their opinion about the vehicles they drive, and some prefer other Teslas over the Model 3. 

"The Model Y is a better choice with kids!" a TikTok mom commented. "And if you're tall. I love mine."

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