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Tesla offers enticing financial incentive for property owners of destination charging sites: 'Get more out of your investment'

"This company is light years ahead of the competition."

"This company is light years ahead of the competition."

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In a smart business move by Tesla, the company recently started inviting Destination Charging property owners to make extra money by hosting self-serve test drives, as Teslarati reported

Tesla has installed more than 40,000 Wall Connectors at charging locations like hotels, parking garages, restaurants, and workplaces worldwide. This allows electric vehicle owners easy access to charging stations while they eat, shop, or relax at their hotel. 

Now, prospective buyers — or just those interested in EVs — can book a test drive through Tesla and unlock one of its demo cars with a virtual key on the company's app, as Electrek reported. Tesla uploaded a map of its Self-Serve Demo Drive locations, which are scattered throughout the eastern and southern U.S. 

Not only does this provide a unique way for EV enthusiasts to get behind the wheel of a Tesla without the hassle of sales staff, but it also gives business owners an opportunity to boost their revenue. Plus, the slick sales strategy is an obvious win for Tesla since it increases exposure and brand awareness. 

Tesla gave details about its new demo program in an email to business owner and Tesla investor Sawyer Merritt (@SawyerMerritt), who posted the invite to X, formerly known as Twitter.  

"Get more out of your investment in Tesla Destination Charging by hosting self-serve demo drives at your property," Tesla wrote in the invitation. "Attract new visitors, increase awareness about electric vehicle charging at your properties and create future customers out of new electric vehicle owners."

Tesla explained that it will give property owners up to four demo drive vehicles and take care of scheduling, management, and maintenance of the cars and appointments free of charge. It added that current charging locations host 35 or more demo drives each week. 

According to Teslarati, the Tesla Destination Charging network is continually expanding. For instance, the Hyatt House Emeryville/San Francisco Bay Area hotel is listed as a self-driving demo location on Tesla's website, with more businesses expected to sign up as the program gains traction. Also, Not a Tesla App reported that the Hilton hotel chain plans to install 20,000 chargers at its hotels this year. 

"That is a very, very cool idea from $TSLA - it not only sparks interest in testing an EV with people who haven't driven one yet, but it also helps the property owners who have a destination charger set up. I hope this goes down well with the people!" one X user said on Sawyer's post. 

"This company is light years ahead of the competition," another person added

"Love this idea! It's a win-win for property owners and EV enthusiasts," someone else said.

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