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Tesla pushes first major over-the-air update for Cybertruck since delivery: 'Get a more consistent response'

The updates will no doubt be welcomed by current Cybertruck owners, as there have been some issues.

The updates will no doubt be welcomed by current Cybertruck owners, as there have been some issues.

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Tesla recently released the first major software updates for the Cybertruck. The company promises to improve the driving experience for Cybertruck owners and the millions who are still waiting for theirs to be delivered.

The software update version 2024.2.3, released in early February and the first despite deliveries beginning a few months ago, promises to improve handling and charging. 

In the Improved Ride and Handling section of the update release notes, as Tesla Oracle shared, Tesla wrote, "Get a more consistent response on different road surfaces and greater comfort on rough winding pavement in Sport Mode or when Custom Ride & Handling is set to 'Focused'. Also expect reduced pitch and body roll in Off-Road Mode."

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In the More Efficient Charging section of the release notes, the company wrote, "Your vehicle now adjusts to the power of each DC charging station. So battery preconditioning when you're navigating to a charger, and then charging, can be more efficient."

Among the other update features are security improvements, a reminder to plug in your vehicle at home with less than half your Charge Limit, and a feature that will automatically call 911 if an accident triggers the airbags. 

But there's one standout feature that's sure to brighten the day of not just the owner of the Cybertruck, but of anyone who happens to be in the vicinity. The new update also features a Custom Lock Sounds section, in which Tesla wrote, "Replace the horn sound of your vehicle locking with another sound, like a screaming goat, a round of applause, or a random fart."

The updates will no doubt be welcomed by current Cybertruck owners, as there have been some issues. 

Despite performing well in an off-road exhibition against two of its rivals late last year, that's not always the case. One Cybertruck got stuck while off-roading in Bear Valley, California, in December after it "suffered from software problems that caused traction control issues and a failure to air down."

Noticeably absent from the release is the Full Self-Driving (autopilot) update that other Tesla models recently received.

Electrek's Fred Lambert wrote, "I think Autopilot features should be a priority. I would assume that most, if not all, current Cybertruck owners are also owners of previous Tesla vehicles, and if you are used to Autosteer when highway driving, it's hard to go without it."

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