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Questions arise as photos of first Tesla Cybertruck crash surface: 'That collision should have totaled almost any car'

"Glad everyone walked away."

“Glad everyone walked away.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

Tesla's Cybertrucks have only been on the road for a few months, and now, photos of one of the first Cybertruck crashes are appearing online.

TeslaRati shared two Reddit posts that show photos of the aftermath of a collision between a Cybertruck and a Toyota Corolla. The Cybertruck appears mildly battered on the driver's side, where it was apparently T-boned by the Corolla — which looks pretty much totaled on the side of the road. 

Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

A summary from a California Highway Patrol officer noted that the Corolla was at fault in the accident. 

"The Toyota then re-entered the roadway, crossed over the double yellow lines into the northbound lane, and crashed into a Tesla Cybertruck traveling north on SR-35 northbound," the summary states. 

It also gives an important piece of clarification: "It does not appear that the Tesla Cybertruck was being operated in autonomous mode."

Fortunately, it seems that everyone left the incident with only minor injuries — and the accident is a testament to how safe the Cybertruck is for people inside it. 

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The electric pickup has also wowed onlookers with its automatic tonneau cover opening, impressive offroading power, and speedy acceleration capacity.

Users analyzed the accident in the comment section of the TeslaRati article.

"I think this was Toyota's attempt to prove not only do they have the best battery technology, coming right around the corner, but they have the toughest car too," one user wrote. "Glad everyone walked away from this simulation."

"Wow...that Toyota was really moving fast, most of the momentum was transferred to the Cybertruck (as the car being struck) and yet the CT came out in remarkably good shape considering," another user said. "That collision should have totaled almost any car being struck that hard. I'm not seeing it reported that way, but this is a massive vindication of the structural integrity of the Cybertruck."

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