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Rumors are swirling about a new Tesla battery that could give its cars 100 miles of charge in just 5 minutes

If the report is to be believed, Tesla's interest in a specific Israeli startup could mean shorter charging times for its cars.

Tesla StoreDot's super-fast EV charging technology

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Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is the frequent subject of rumors and speculation, all of which must be taken with a grain of salt. But if the newest batch of rumors is to be believed, Tesla is currently looking into an "extreme fast charging" technology developed by Israeli startup StoreDot, per Inside EVs.

The news comes via an article in USA Today that, as Inside EVs noted, "doesn't cite any sources." The USA Today article in question was written by a contributor and contained a disclaimer at the bottom reading, "Members of the editorial and news staff of the USA TODAY Network were not involved in the creation of this content."

If the report is to be believed, Tesla's interest in StoreDot could mean shorter charging times for Teslas, as the company claims to have developed batteries that can charge 100 miles of driving range in just five minutes, per Inside EVs.

On StoreDot's website, the company describes itself as "the innovator of proven EV batteries that recharge faster, are safer and more sustainable, running on patented organic nanomaterials fully optimized by AI, and packed into high-energy cells that are design-ready for mass production." 

If the company's XFC batteries work as advertised and Tesla is indeed interested in using them, that could potentially go a long way toward alleviating drivers' "range anxiety" when taking EVs on long drives.  

If not, spreading a rumor that the company is possibly going to be in business with Tesla could go a long way toward pumping up StoreDot's stock prices. Either way, this is great news for the Israeli startup.

While it is impossible to say what degree of truth there is to this rumor, especially without any sources, Tesla has certainly been looking into more options to keep its EVs supplied with batteries as of late. Other recent rumors include one that Tesla is looking into building a battery plant somewhere in the United States in a possibly controversial partnership with CATL, China's leading EV battery maker. 

Tesla is also building a lithium refinery in Texas and something called a Lithium Lab in Nevada, both of which could signal the company's intention to produce more batteries domestically.

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