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Sir Patrick Stewart is promoting his new book in a unique way: 'There is just something absolutely magical about [it]'

"This is the life I want."

"This is the life I want."

Photo Credit: @sirpatstew / TikTok

As if we needed another reason to love the living legend, Sir Patrick Stewart shared a heartwarming TikTok from his book tour to promote his long-awaited memoir Making It So. For his tour, the star had just one wish: "All I wanted for my book tour was to travel by train," says Sir Patrick.

Many A-listers travel on their private jets or in luxury cars, but Sir Patrick prefers the serenity of the train. "I've loved trains since I was a boy," the actor says. With childlike glee, the video follows Stewart enjoying the simple pleasures of riding the train, cheerfully greeting the Amtrak staff he meets during his travels. 

"I loved looking out at all the towns and landscapes along the way and reading the New York Times," Stewart shares in the video along with footage from his journey along the rails. 

@sirpatstew Christmas came early for P Stew 🎁 You're looking at an avid trainspotter... As I wrote my memoir, I so enjoyed remembering the thrill of spotting trains with my brother Trevor and friend Bryan as Yorkshire boys (read and learn all about it in Chapter One of Making It So). A pleasure to be aboard the Acela from NYC ➡️ PHL ➡️ DC! 🚂 #BookTok #MakingItSo #PatrickStewart #Trains #trainspotting #dayinmylife #DITL ♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

In his memoir, the Star Trek star remembers the thrill of trainspotting with his brother and friend growing up in Yorkshire. An avid promoter of trains and public transport, Stewart even took part in a locomotive naming ceremony in his home country back in 2014.

Producing far less pollution than planes or cars, trains offer a planet-friendly way to transport people and goods. While some commuters relish the leisurely pace of traditional trains, the railways of the future could move their cargo faster than an airplane, providing an efficient and affordable option for public transportation. 

China's renowned electric rail system is known for its smooth, comfortable ride while traveling at high speeds, making it a viable alternative to shorter flights or long road trips. Moving away from dirty diesel trains, new technologies, such as Canada's hydrogen-powered Train de Charlevoix, allow locomotives to run with zero air pollution.

Although it takes an investment of both time and money, many countries are expanding their rail systems to keep cities moving where the roadways cannot handle the increase of people and goods in need of transport, CNN reported. 

In the meantime, exploring by train offers a unique perspective on travel. 

"Reading the fully expanded newspaper while riding the train. This is the life I want," one TikToker commented.

"There is just something absolutely magical about train travel," another agrees. 

If you would like to experience the joy of train travel, just like Sir Patrick, simply head down to the nearest station and make it so.

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