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Poshmark's 'Secondhand Sunday' campaign can help you save on clothing during Black Friday — here's how

According to Poshmark, 92% of people are open to receiving secondhand gifts.

Secondhand Sunday

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Meet Black Friday and Cyber Monday's cooler and more eco-conscious younger cousin — Secondhand Sunday. 

Fashion reseller Poshmark is aiming to support your wallet and the planet with the introduction of Secondhand Sunday. 

What is Secondhand Sunday?

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 27, is the first annual Secondhand Sunday, a new campaign launched by Poshmark to not only support secondhand sellers on their site but also encourage conscious and intentional consumption during the holiday buying season. 

The days after Thanksgiving are riddled with deals and sales that encourage consumers to purchase products simply because they are on sale, which can prove to be a waste of money and a nightmare for the environment.  

An estimated 80% of products bought on Black Friday alone either end up in the landfill, are recycled poorly, or are incinerated. 

Pre-loved items make perfect new-to-you gifts for the special people in your life. On Poshmark, you can look through clothing, home goods, and electronics to find unique and vintage presents this holiday season — all from the comfort of your couch, of course. 

Secondhand Sunday provides an opportunity to support individual sellers on Poshmark, be a sustainable gift giver, and get great deals on quality items for a loved one (or yourself). 

Why should you participate in Secondhand Sunday?

According to Poshmark, 92% of people are open to receiving secondhand gifts. Despite that, only a third of shoppers actually give secondhand gifts. 

Normalizing secondhand gift-giving can have a huge impact on the planet and your wallet. In fact, according to a report by CouponFollow, if you shopped secondhand year-round, you could save an average of $1,760 annually. 

Secondhand items are typically less expensive than retail prices, making thrifting a great way to stay under budget while still getting everyone on your list meaningful gifts. 

The inclusion of secondhand gifts in your gifting repertoire also offers the thrill of the hunt. 

Gone are the days of purchasing the same cookie-cutter gifts for all your friends and family that will sit unused in the back of their closets. Shopping secondhand allows the opportunity to get one-of-a-kind items that everyone on your list will actually enjoy and use. 

How can Secondhand Sunday help cut down on waste around the holidays?

According to consignment company thredUP, if everyone bought just one used gift in place of a new one this holiday season, it would save 4.5 billion pounds of carbon pollution — the equivalent of planting 66 million trees, TIME reported. 

The U.S. has the largest share of consumption-related emissions, especially around the holidays when there is pressure to buy, buy, buy. 

Thrift, consignment, and antique stores offer local ways to hunt for secondhand gifts and contribute to the circular economy, a concept that encourages consumers to purchase more intentionally and reuse whenever possible, as opposed to a linear pattern of consumption that involves purchasing, using, and throwing products away. 

Challenge your family and friends to only give each other secondhand gifts this holiday season or bring only pre-loved gifts to White Elephant or Yankee Swap gift exchanges. 

Or start small, and give yourself the goal of buying at least one gift secondhand this year.

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