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Shopper astounded after encountering bizarre new ad placement in store: 'What's next?'

The impact of ad creep on people can be quite significant.

The impact of ad creep on people can be quite significant.

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Our attention is one of the most valuable things for brands. As technology continues to progress, there are more and more ways for these brands to capture our attention. 

On a Reddit post, one user expressed their amazement at a new ad placement — the floor of the shopping center. In their post, the user included a short video clip of an animated Sam's Club banner projected onto the floor. 

The impact of ad creep on people can be quite significant.
Photo Credit: Reddit

"They're projecting advertisements on the ground now," the caption stated.

"What's next. The roads?" one user commented.

This phenomenon of having ads found in once ad-free spaces is called ad creep. The impact of ad creep on people can be quite significant. It can lead to a sense of constant bombardment by marketing messages, which some find overwhelming or intrusive. 

The most upvoted comment captures the sentiment best: "So they've got them on the doors of the freezer sections, on the tv WHILE you watch the show, at the gas stations and if you try to just look at the floor IT'S THERE TOO?!"

This continuous exposure to ads can also blur the line between genuine content and sponsored content, making it harder for us to distinguish between the two. Additionally, it can sometimes lead to ad fatigue, where we start tuning out these messages because they're just everywhere — even public restrooms.

One of the best ways to combat ad fatigue is to actively manage the media you consume. For example, you might consider limiting your time on platforms that are heavy with ads or using ad blockers when browsing online to give yourself a break from the constant stream of marketing.

Another tip is to curate your feeds and subscriptions. Unfollow or mute accounts that are too ad-heavy, especially if they're not providing you with valuable content in return. And remember that it's okay to hit "unsubscribe" on email lists that clutter your inbox with promotions.

Lastly, it's important to remember that you have control over your purchasing power. Take a leaf out of the book from the past, like those World War II ads that encouraged thriftiness. Before making a purchase, ask yourself, "Do I really need this?" It's a simple question that can help you make more mindful decisions, reduce consumption, and inadvertently reduce the number of targeted ads you might receive.

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