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Iskra Lawrence's body care line uses 'bottle positivity' to promote sustainable packaging: 'It's not perfect'

"We've been able to take a stand and say we're not going to strive for perfect."


The hashtag #ShowUsYourDimples was trending on social media recently, but don't snap a pic of your smile for this one. The campaign was launched by Iskra Lawrence's Saltair body care brand after customers complained about dents in the aluminum canisters.

The aluminum packaging was chosen intentionally for the new brand. Lawrence knew her audience and knew they valued sustainability. She chose aluminum because it's lightweight and recyclable (more so than plastic). The only drawback? It dents easily.

Once the product launched, so did the complaints about dents and dings. 

"Instead of sending replacements, Saltair reframed the dilemma with hashtags like #BottlePositivity and #ShowUsYourDimples on social media, encouraging customers to accept imperfect bottles for sustainability's sake and accept their bodies for their own 'dents' or dimples –– a message that hits at the core of Lawrence's personal mission of promoting body positivity," Sarah Lynch writes in Fast Company.

Lawrence says it was the right move. "I think as soon as we owned it, and we put out the blast on social media, on email … people wanted to share it and they weren't like, 'Oh, it's not perfect. I can't put it in this video or do this unboxing,' and that was just liberating, I think, for everyone," she says.  

Saltair says complaints about the dented canisters have practically come to a halt.

"We've been able to take a stand and say we're not going to strive for perfect, we're going to strive for the best we can, but we know that that doesn't impact our product or its experience and how much you're going to love it," Lawrence says. "I hope that other brands can just see that and not be so scared to step into this space because the impact of the product … that's going to be more important for your brand and business."

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