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New report details recent shift in America's energy sector: 'More records were broken in March'

This news is a win for the American people and for the planet.

This news is a win for the American people and for the planet.

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Finally and fortunately, renewable energy is closing in on natural gas as the largest source of electrical generation in the United States. 

As Electrek reported, the mix of solar, wind, hydropower, biomass, and geothermal energy generation accounted for nearly 25% of all electricity produced in the first quarter of 2024 — in March, that share increased to nearly 30%. Meanwhile, natural gas production is on the decline and fell to below 40% in March. 

The updated statistics come from the Energy Information Administration's Electric Power Monthly report, which shares data about where our electricity comes from. The report not only shows progress in transitioning our energy economy to cleaner and greener means of production but also gives us hope for the future. 

"More records were broken in March as wind plus solar produced more electricity than either nuclear power or coal, and solar was on the verge of overtaking hydropower," Sun Day Campaign executive director Ken Bossong said, per Electrek. "The mix of renewables provided almost 30% of U.S. electrical generation in March and seems likely to surpass that level in the coming months."

This news is a win for the American people because renewable energy sources will make energy more accessible and affordable for all. As we expand our use of and improve the technology for solar, wind, and other renewable energy, the costs of producing it decrease, encouraging businesses to invest in clean energy for money savings and a broader customer base. 

This news is a win for the planet because it gives people the electricity they need without burning polluting fuels and further contributing to Earth's overheating. In America and beyond, progress such as this is rewiring the future of global electricity and ensuring people have energy when and where they need it.

"I can only see humanity looking back on this transition and realizing this wasn't as hard as we thought," one reader commented on the Electrek article. 

Another reader responded to the comment, writing, "Increasing renewables to about 75% of generation is very doable, and cold hard economics will make it eventually happen."

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