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Photo of obnoxious screen inside a public bathroom sparks outrage online: 'If there's no one around I'd break it'

"I don't get it."

"I don't get it."

Photo Credit: iStock

A Redditor has shared a ridiculous advertisement in a truly unlikely location.

In a post on the r/Anticonsumption subreddit, the user uploaded a photo of a tiny screen on top of the faucet of a sink in a public bathroom. 

The advertisement isn't even promoting a product but instead advertising itself as an advertising space with the message, "Advertise here for less than $1 a day," seemingly attempting to get businesses to pay the company to invade public spaces like bathrooms with advertising. 

"Got to love how there are ads [literally] everywhere," the user wrote in their caption.

"I don't get it."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Invasive, unnecessary advertisements like these don't just waste resources and make ordinarily private spaces feel more public — they also encourage people to continually purchase goods they don't need in the linear economy, which usually leads to consumers buying products that ultimately end up cluttering our planet in landfills.

If anything, advertising should discourage rampant consumerism like this due to the mortifying trajectory of plastic waste and food waste.

Users critiqued the shameless advertising in the comment section.

"At some point advertisers are going to have to realize that people are already extremely oversaturated with ads, right? Like how can it possibly be profitable to keep paying for ads in a market where they're so common as to be universally hated? I don't get it," one user said

"If there's no one around I'd break it tbh. Maybe even just keep the lcd/electronics and see if there's anything salvageable," another user wrote

"Feels like there's a breaking point coming when there just aren't enough places to realistically paint with ads. We're a country of marketing money being thrown around while parents can't afford child care," a third user noted.

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