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Grid operator shares major shift in Portugal's electricity production: 'A new record'

"These important records are proof that Portugal has been on a sustainable track."

"These important records are proof that Portugal has been on a sustainable track."

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Portugal hit a new record for electricity supplied by renewable resources last year thanks to a combination of strong winds, heavy rainfall, and bountiful sunshine across the country.

According to Reuters, renewable power sources made up 61% of Portugal's electricity in 2023, up from nearly 50% in the year prior.

Redes Energéticas Nacionais (REN), Portugal's electric grid operator, reported that wind energy accounted for the majority of renewable energy usage at 25%, followed by hydropower (23%), solar (7%), and biomass (6%).

With one of the highest ratios of renewable energy in Europe, the country is that much closer to its goal of generating 85% of its annual electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

Similarly, more European nations are looking to strengthen their renewable energy sources after international crises increased gas prices as well as the agreement of over 100 countries at the COP28 climate summit to triple renewable energy capacity by the end of the decade.

Portugal has set an amazing example for other countries to follow as renewable energy sources like wind and solar power are both kind to our planet and gentler on our wallets.

The more solar panels and wind turbines are installed, the more the cost of producing electricity from these sources drops, making it more affordable for everyone.

This transition away from using dirty energy helps us breathe cleaner air, live healthier lives, and benefit entire communities. For instance, the adoption of more wind and solar energy projects in Texas helped save residents an astonishing $20 million a day.

The goal of embracing renewable energy is a win-win situation as we utilize the forces of nature to keep our lights on, our air clean, and our future bright.

"These important records are proof that Portugal has been on a sustainable track in the progressive incorporation of native renewable sources, keeping the fundamental goals of security of supply and quality of service," the grid operator, REN, said.

"Proud of my native Portugal which sourced 61% of its electricity from renewables last year — a new record! Great news to begin 2024," executive director of the Green Climate Fund Mafalda Duarte (@MafaldaDuarte) celebrated on X, formerly Twitter. 

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