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Man calls out nationwide problem with massive health consequences: 'This can't be on accident'

"Why isn't this on the news?"

"Why isn't this on the news?"

Photo Credit: TikTok

Everyone should have access to safe water — one TikToker has made it his mission to ensure that's possible.

To promote health and healing, social media creator Eric Chong — via his TikTok account healthplanner001 (@secretisgratitude) — posted a map that raised many eyebrows.


toxic water and the situation in the US is not looking good so that's why we got to do our part to clean up our water and a lot of the non-profits are doing their part. but if anybody deserves our support, it's these organizations and companies that are doing their part to clean up the water. There's a war on our health right now #healthhacking #beyondbiohacking #healthstartsfrommouth #healthstartswithsafewater #healthplanning

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The map pinpoints U.S. sites and cities that are polluting our soil and waterways, making drinking water highly toxic due to the forever chemicals that contaminate the water supply. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), are known as "forever chemicals" because they take hundreds or thousands of years to break down.  

"It's taking 20 or 30 years away from people's lives, or more," Eric says in the video, acknowledging that one or two cups isn't going to kill you but that it adds up over time.

In the 2,500 sites tested, 45% of the nation's tap water tested positive for chemicals from toxic and hazardous waste, according to an analysis of federal data by the Environmental Working Group, as reported by United Press International. (However, the 2024 PFAS contamination map released by the EWG reveals that 6,189 sites across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and four U.S. territories have some level of PFAS pollution). 

The TikToker also reminds viewers that pipes are a major reason so much lead is found in our water and that there is still concern about nanoplastics finding their way into our bodies. 

With our water sources having become questionable at best, Eric gives tips on what he does to keep his water safe in his Safe Water Guide — which is free of charge.

"That's why we got to do our part to clean up our water," he said in the post's caption.

For those who want a better look at the map, just search for "PFA contamination map" or gain access to the guide with info links and more by signing up for his free newsletter.

We all need water to survive. It's vital to our health. 

The National Institutes of Health published results of a study that found, on average, 240,000 pieces of tiny plastics were found in one liter of bottled water. Saying no to single-use water bottles and investing in a reusable bottle is not only the better choice for health and longevity, but it can also save you over $1,300 a year.

This is why holding companies accountable and supporting eco-friendly furniture, clothing, makeup, and beauty brands is so important to our health and the future.

The call to action was met with justified concern.

"This can't be on accident," one TikToker wrote in the comments.

"Why isn't this on the news?" another asked — Eric responded that it is on the news, but unfortunately, it's overshadowed by other matters.

"These companies need to pay for people's filtration systems," said a third commenter.

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