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Public transit user infuriated after spotting outrageous advertisement: 'Do they want people to use public transit or not?'

"It's because the federal [government] lifted a bunch of legal restrictions on [this]."

"It's because the federal [government] lifted a bunch of legal restrictions on [this]."

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A Reddit post about a questionable advertisement infuriated a number of people.

The photo shows a GO train in Toronto with nearly half of a large window covered by an advertisement.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Many people noted that the commercial placement was problematic, and it was so big someone thought it was a television screen.

"My bus this morning was similar," one user said. "All the windows were frosted over by the giant ad covering the bus, so nobody could look outside except through the driver's windshield. It sucked."

What pushed it over the edge, however, was that the ad in question was for PointsBet Sportsbook and Casino.

"It's because the federal govt lifted a bunch of legal restrictions on sports betting back in April [2022]," one commenter wrote. "Ontario immediately launched a sports betting program, and since then, these ads have been EVERYWHERE in Ontario. On TV, on the radio, on billboards, on every app and website. It's so goddamn annoying and is no doubt going to suck a whole bunch of people into the bottomless pit of gambling."

Gambling can indeed trigger the brain to release dopamine, and it can become an addiction if it's compulsive or out of control. Mental health effects include low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Content of the ad aside, such unattractive public transportation options could deter people from riding, even though mass transit reduces pollution and makes cities safer.

Pedestrian areas also benefit cities, as a few Redditors alluded to. Physical activity improves health and quality of life and cuts the risk of disease. In addition to the safety and environmental advantages, walkable communities spur economic investment from residents, businesses, and tourists. 

"So I'm confused," one user said. "Do they want people to use public transit or not?"

"Who needs nature and scenery?" another wrote. "We have online sports betting. Now go look at your phone you little b****. Look at your phone and bet your money. No need to look outside."

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