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Lowe's customer shares concerning product on shelves in garden center: 'I can't imagine anyone is buying them'

"We need better plant education."

"We need better plant education."

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A Reddit post in the r/houseplants community had plant lovers up in arms.

The post, titled "Lowe's must be stopped," features photos of individually potted succulents that had been painted blue, presumably to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

"We need better plant education."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"We need better plant education."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The post garnered significant attention online, with many users expressing their disapproval of the practice.

Some commenters questioned the profitability of selling painted plants, with one user asking: "Are these things even profitable?? I can't imagine anyone is buying them in multiples or more than once."

The images showed small potted succulents with their leaves entirely coated in vibrant blue paint. While the color may catch the eye, many plant enthusiasts argued that this practice is detrimental to the plants' health.

Painting succulents can interfere with their ability to photosynthesize, as the paint blocks the leaves from absorbing light. This can lead to stunted growth and even the death of the plant. 

Additionally, the paint can prevent the leaves from breathing, further compromising the succulent's health.

As one commenter put it, "We need better plant education." By raising awareness about the detrimental effects of painting plants, we can encourage more responsible and sustainable practices in the horticultural industry.

Another user pointed out that Lowe's may not be solely responsible for this practice, stating: "Lowe's isn't the one who paints them. They order them this way from large nurseries, just like all the big box stores do. It's probably Altman Plants." Other Reddit posts dating back at least as far as 2019 have documented such products found on Lowe's and Home Depot shelves, though this latest case looked particularly sloppy and obvious.

Some commenters also said consumer demand plays a role in the continued sale of painted succulents.

While it's easy to point fingers at Lowe's or other retailers, it's important to recognize that change starts with each of us. By educating ourselves and others about proper plant care, we can create a ripple effect that leads to more sustainable and compassionate treatment of our green friends.

So, the next time you're tempted by a painted succulent, remember that plants are better in their natural state. By supporting healthy plant care practices, we can cultivate a greener, more vibrant world for ourselves and generations to come.

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