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Tesla owner discovers frustrating scene at supermarket charging station: 'It happened the day before as well'

"I called county services to get him towed."

"I called county services to get him towed."

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One electric vehicle driver recently took to Reddit to complain about a Jeep parked across two EV charging spots at their local supermarket.

"It's double parked, it's in 2 EV spots, and both are reserved for government EVs. it managed to park illegally 5 different ways in one single spot," the poster wrote.

"I called county services to get him towed."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Electric vehicles produce much less planet-overheating air pollution than traditional gas-powered cars. Though EVs are responsible for the pollution caused by mining for the rare-earth metals needed for their batteries — primarily lithium, which is the main component in the batteries that EVs run on — they are still a lot less bad for the planet than regular cars.

Unfortunately, this fact has led a certain anti-environmentalism segment of the population to oppose them reflexively. The original poster later followed up in the Reddit thread to highlight the fact that the custom license plate on the poorly parked Jeep may indicate that its driver holds other frightening extremist views.

"Was originally just mildly annoyed, but as others have pointed out his license plate," the poster wrote. "I called county services to get him towed."

"Saw it wasn't plugged in but missed the fact the chargers were reserved for government vehicles. You gotta give the driver credit for racking up that many infractions with a single action," another commenter pointed out.

"The funny thing is there are 6 other chargers that ARE open to the public right next to these. instead he parked at the one that nobody was going to use anyway," the original poster responded.

In addition to animosity from anti-environmentalists, EV charging stations have also recently faced a spate of vandalism and/or thefts, as people keep cutting their cables in all likelihood to get to the valuable copper wiring inside. "It happened the day before as well," one Tesla driver recently wrote on another Reddit thread on the topic.

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