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Jaguar Land Rover may benefit greatly from partnership with unlikely EV platform manufacturer — here's how

Using Chery's platform would accelerate Jaguar Land Rover's EV adoption and get it closer to meeting its goal.

Using Chery’s platform would accelerate Jaguar Land Rover’s EV adoption and get it closer to meeting its goal.

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Jaguar Land Rover could use a Chinese manufacturer's electric vehicle platform to expand its EV offering. 

According to Car Scoops, the British car brand may be using Chery's Exeed's all-electric technology platform on a vehicle that could be released in the second half of 2024. It's unclear whether the car would be available only in China or if it would be sold elsewhere. 

Chery has not confirmed that the British carmaker will use its platform, but Yin Tongyue, the chairman of the Chinese carmaker, said two luxury European brands are interested in the platform but didn't elaborate on which brands.

It wouldn't be surprising if Jaguar Land Rover used Chery's platform, considering they've had an ongoing partnership since 2012. The joint partnership company, Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Company Ltd., is based in China and includes models such as the Jaguar XFL, Land Rover Discovery Sport, and Range Rover Evoque.

Using Chery's platform would accelerate Jaguar Land Rover's EV adoption and get it closer to meeting its goal of becoming an all-electric car maker by 2030 and carbon pollution-free by 2039. The car manufacturer took a step towards this goal in April 2023 when it announced its Halewood plant in the UK would be for electric cars

Jaguar Land Rover reaching its all-electric goal would significantly impact its customers by saving them money on gas. On average, EV owners can expect to save 60% annually compared to regular gasoline vehicles, per the Natural Resources Defense Council. Imagine what you could do with those kinds of savings. You could buy a house, go on that European trip, or even save for retirement. 

In addition to saving money, electric vehicles can greatly improve a community's health, especially children's. If people switched to cleaner energy sources, children would breathe cleaner air because a gas-powered car creates 12,594 pounds of polluting gases per year, compared to an EV, which only releases 2,727 pounds.

The data holds more proof of the benefits clean energy sources would have on children. A report from the American Lung Association estimates that switching to EVs and an electric grid by 2050 would mean "2.79 million fewer pediatric asthma attacks, 147,000 fewer pediatric acute bronchitis cases, 2.67 million fewer cases of pediatric upper respiratory symptoms, and 1.87 million fewer cases of pediatric lower respiratory symptoms, and 508 infants' lives would be saved."

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