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GM unveils new 'advanced' EV for adventure seekers with whopping price tag: 'Most people I know would buy a house for that'

"Just curious — how many people can afford?"

Hummer EV, Advanced EV for adventure seekers

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General Motors is becoming increasingly involved in the electric vehicle space, and its latest offering seems to have slipped under the radar somewhat — a fully electric recreation vehicle that was based on the company's GMC Hummer EV

The car is a collaboration between GM and EarthCruiser, a company that produces vehicles such as overlanding campers and RVs. The reason that it is only just being noticed — it was spotted at an overlanding vehicle expo by a car-reviewing YouTube channel — is that the vehicle is mainly EarthCruiser's to do with as it pleases. GM simply lent its engineering staff and EV tech to the project but will handle neither the design nor sales.

GMC Hummer
Photo Credit: Earthcruiser

What GM gets out of the deal is that the Hummer EV EarthCruiser can be sold as an add-on that customers can have installed on their existing GMC Hummer EVs. 

The pricing of the RV is not yet available, although preorders can be placed on EarthCruiser's website for $100. But Kyle, the YouTube reviewer who made the discovery, estimated that it will be available for around $100,000. "Combine that with the Hummer EV and you'll pay around $200,000 for a complete electric RV, which is pretty cheap if you know how much RVs go for these days!" wrote CleanTechnica.

CleanTechnica went on to make the case that this new product could transform the GMC Hummer EV from "an expensive 'mall crawler' that people will buy for bragging rights … into something extremely useful off-road and for trips into the backcountry."

CleanTechnica's commenters, however, were not sold on the value of the Hummer EV EarthCruiser, however. 

"Just curious — how many people can afford a $200,000 toy?" wrote one commenter. "Most people I know would buy a house for that."

GMC hummer interior
Photo Credit: Earthcruiser

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