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Gift advertisement for 'the person who has everything' sparks outrage online: 'I thought it couldn't get much worse…'

"So…Literally a piece of trash?"

“So…Literally a piece of trash?”

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The holidays are fast approaching, and so is the urge to spend money on mostly unneeded gifts. But Temu's latest product truly takes the cake for a waste of your money (and the earth's resources). 

The product, which is an empty plastic ball, includes some mildly entertaining copy: "the gift of nothing is yours to discover" and "less is more, more or less."

The "gift of nothing" costs $1.53 and has received backlash on Reddit for packing "nothing" except for needless plastic waste.  

The post, which was made on the r/Anticonsumption forum titled "this is mildly infuriating," prompted Reddit users to point out that the product will most likely end up in a landfill. Other users approached it with humor, pointing out that the gag is worth the waste, though one mentioned you could just as easily make this gag yourself with recycled cardboard.

During the holiday season, the issue of plastic waste intensifies due to increased consumerism, gift-giving practices, and packaging materials.

The emphasis on material exchange increases the volume of plastic waste generated, often resulting in a substantial environmental toll. Efforts to minimize this impact require thoughtful consideration of alternative gifting practices that prioritize sustainability and reduced plastic consumption.

The production and disposal of plastic generates greenhouse gas and contributes to climate change. Plastic waste generated in the United States in 2019 was around 73 million metric tons (over 160 billion pounds), according to Statista, and is projected to soar to around 142 million metric tons (over 300 billion pounds) by 2060.

Encouraging mindful consumption and exploring eco-friendly gift options can significantly mitigate our mounting plastic waste crisis during the holidays, fostering a more environmentally conscious approach to celebrating and gift-giving. 

Some other Reddit users got in on the action to mock the product: 

"Wow! Packaging nothing. Who cares about the planet?" one wrote.

"So…Literally a piece of trash?" asked another.

Maybe the gift of nothing really should be … not contributing to climate change?

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