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This clothing brand will pay you to return your old sweaters, pants, and dresses — no matter what condition they're in

Eileen Fisher's Renew program is making it even easier to recycle its clothing.

Eileen Fisher's Renew program will give you cash for your old clothes

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Could sustainability be the word of 2023? Maybe. It seems like it's popping up everywhere from grocery stores to clothing brands. And from thrifting to buyback programs, it's easier than ever to make your belongings go even further. 

Eileen Fisher is just one of many brands that offers customers an easier way to give new life to their clothing. Eileen Fisher is a luxury brand that has long been committed to sustainable clothing, but a recent rebrand of its new-to-you clothing line offers customers an opportunity to get money for their clothing — no matter the condition

How Eileen Fisher is changing the buyback game

Eileen Fisher's Renew program is making it even easier to recycle its clothing. The company has broken down its entire process into four easy steps. 

It starts with you returning your clothing item to any Eileen Fisher store, by either dropping it off or mailing it in. For every single item of clothing you return, you'll receive $5 in "Renew Rewards," no matter the condition of the clothing item.

Then, a dedicated team sorts the pieces. Items in great condition are resold, and the rest are recycled or transformed via felting into art, pillows, acoustic panels, and more.

All items are extensively cleaned via Eileen Fisher's partner, Tersus Solutions, using a closed-loop cleaning system. This system preserves water and electricity while cleaning and capturing microfibers from the clothing so they don't further pollute waterways. 

Finally, items are listed on the Eileen Fisher Renew site. 

How buybacks help the environment

The garment industry has a very big impact on our planet. An estimated 100 billion garments are made each year, and 100 million tons of textile waste end up in landfills each year. 

Selling previously used clothing cuts down on the amount of clothing being produced. Through thrift shops and third-party sellers, recycling is easier than ever. And buyback programs take that one step further by offering consumers a way to ensure they're buying quality, secondhand products from brands they already love. 

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