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Tree-planting search engine Ecosia launches new web browser that can produce clean energy — here's how it works

"Give users an even greater opportunity to align their digital choices with their values."

"Give users an even greater opportunity to align their digital choices with their values."

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The idea of generating clean energy and planting trees — all while sitting at a desk and getting work done — may sound like science fiction. But green web browser Ecosia has made it a reality.

Ecosia launched in 2009 as a not-for-profit search engine. And while it incorporates a traditional business model with ad funding and partner shops, the company made an unusual promise. It vowed to use 100% of the company's net profits to plant trees — and it delivered. Since then, Ecosia's search engine has been responsible for planting over 200 million trees

And now, with the announcement of a new web browser, the company is taking its impact further by using web browsing to generate clean energy. 

"We'll produce 25Wh of renewable energy every day that you browse — enough to power a lightbulb for 3 hours!" the company shared in a blog announcement. "We're already producing enough renewable energy to power all searches twice over. Now we can go even further, thanks to our continuous investments in solar power plants and other clean energy projects."

Not only is the tool great for the planet, it's great for users. According to Ecosia, which is also a Certified B Corp, its new browser operates at up to three times faster than most mainstream browsers, thanks to a built-in energy-saving adblocker. 

In a company statement relayed by Euronews, founder Christian Kroll said that the company will "give users an even greater opportunity to align their digital choices with their values."

It might surprise people to learn that using the internet generates approximately 1.1 billion tons of planet-warming gas pollution each year, as relayed by the Natural Resources Defense Council. The intersection of internet usage and energy creation is particularly ripe for innovation; globally, the energy sector generates nearly 75% of harmful, heat-trapping air pollution each year, according to the International Energy Agency. 

On the contrary, clean energy sources like solar and wind not only reduce pollution — they're also cheaper, more accessible, and healthier for both humans and the planet.

Given that, supporting eco-friendly initiatives like Ecosia's is critical for the future.

Kroll concluded, "Enjoy this latest addition to our ecosystem knowing that you're part of a powerful environmental movement — and that we'll continue to plant trees and restore biodiversity around the world, and invest in clean energy and other green initiatives, by using 100% of our profits for the planet."

You can download Ecosia's new browser for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android here.

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